2003-05-12 14:37:02 ET

I wish I was in the position to stay home with my son everyday...

Note to self #6546478- Need to be independantly wealthy.

Anyway I didn't make any money today, but I spent $800 on my Toyota. I am building the motor in the link below. They want $4,000 for it, but I am building it myself for $1,200. I can't wait till I am done. Its so nice to finally be able to get my shit together.

Oh and I went and ate In&Out burger with my son. I had all the old people glaring at me. I hope it was cause my son and I are cute, but its probably cause I have a kid and I look like a freak... fuckem. Soon we will take over! I need to go fence jumping. hmmm

2003-05-12 15:07:25 ET

He's adorable! :D

Funny when they judge you on your looks while from how much you mention him it's obvious how much you care. :)

2003-05-12 15:26:26 ET

Honestly, He completely changed my life in almost every way possible. My morals/values, the overall value of my life and his, my compassion, my patience and about 6,000 other traits I never thought I could master. Growing old sucks, but at the same time I love where I am @ and who I am. It took 27 years to truly find myself and my son has helped me tremendously.

Honestly though, all of us "free thinkers" choose to show expressionism in our visual appearance. I got to admit I kinda dig the shock factor I get to see on a daily social excursion. Its totaly fun. The people who are not interested in socially mixing with me cause of my looks are the same people I didn't want to fuckin talk too anyway. There are alot of people who are intrigued with me and others who look interesting. They are also opened minded and cool. Everybody else are just haters, and mean people suck!

2003-05-12 15:56:14 ET

Lol, whole heartedly agreed . . . :D

Wow, I've never thought about how having a kid changes you- the farthest I've got with children consideration is that it would change your schedule and priorities . . . But nothing more complex . . .

2003-05-12 16:29:04 ET

lol... for the first two years... YOU DO NOTHING

2003-05-12 16:34:21 ET

Except take them out and have girls flock to them?

That was my purpose as a young kid for my older brother. :D

2003-05-12 16:39:19 ET

ok.... so there is a couple of previously unspoken perks of bieng a single daddie...

LoL. I honestly hate to admit the fact that I almost got Jake a "my daddie is single" shirt... but I figured that was like two steps further that I was willing to go...

It would be fun once at the mall though...

2003-05-12 16:40:41 ET

Lol, for sure!

Yeah, you don't want to be too obvious with the shirt. :D

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