RuSs made it through tues.... well most of it...
2003-05-13 14:06:52 ET

Hey All...

Zas... lives the life of glutony and excess... Whats her secret... I wanna do that too....

Its four pm, gonna grab my skates and let my lil sis hang with my son... I think I will bring my camera tonight.
It was fricken hot in Vegas today. Far too hot to be working... But then, what is the correct temperature for work... hmmmm

2003-05-13 14:08:45 ET

depends on the type of work you do *wink*

2003-05-13 14:09:46 ET

Secret is expecting to recieve so little that the normal amount is excess?

. . . Being manipulative and evil helps, too. }:D

2003-05-13 14:16:51 ET

You know, UL You are right, PrOn star would be acceptable between -45 degrees f and 120 degrees f. so yeah....

Zas, I have tried that, but I am not convinced that having low expectations is the way to bliss... I do not count on anyone but myself though... I think thats what you might be saying...


2003-05-13 15:48:07 ET

im always right....always

2003-05-14 09:44:16 ET

Just go for the manipulative and evil part! And you gotta be selfish, too, so you don't care about the people who fall in your way . . .

2003-05-17 11:58:55 ET

kick it. It's rainy here. I have been sooo in the mood to skate for like 3 weeks now. Finals/Rain = no skating.

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