2003-05-20 01:43:01 ET



2003-05-20 01:52:52 ET

"Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see each other whole against the sky."
-- Rainer Rilke

2003-05-20 03:31:27 ET

me too:(

2003-05-20 08:21:33 ET

pretty, very much so

2003-05-20 14:26:13 ET

argh-ness. At least you didn't wake up from a nap, freaking out because you thought you slept 12 hours in stead of 2!

2003-05-20 14:32:08 ET

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I have sooooooooooo done that b4 too...:)

2003-05-20 14:34:30 ET

Isn't it crazy? Read my post about it, I'm still pretty shakie from it. *smacks you for not reading her post* :P

2003-05-20 14:48:16 ET

I read it sleepy smurf... Go look at your replies...

is your head really the same size as UL's ..... nevermind....

2003-05-20 14:52:22 ET

hehe, well we measured it a little intoxicated.. but yeah, if not right on it.. damn close. hehe She is gonna read this and smack you.. or me, or both.

2003-05-20 15:16:31 ET

did you all take pictures and if not why not...lol


Smacked by a hot blonde amizon....ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!;)

2003-05-20 15:35:31 ET

hahaha, easy there, she will smack you for the amizon comment.

2003-05-20 15:39:01 ET

I just wanna climb her:)

2003-05-20 16:40:28 ET

I leave for a few hours...come back to find out I was topic of conversation. You two should be ashamed ;) and yeah, we were a little intoxicated but i'd say we're pretty close to having it exact.

2003-05-20 18:19:59 ET

hehe see.. told ya she would smack ya

2003-05-20 18:38:23 ET

*lol* recalling how many times i've heard "they were in the way" due to 'accidental' touching

2003-05-20 18:40:15 ET

lol, breasts are funny. I hate the word boobies though, or boobs. You are such a BOOB! I mean its like Nathan the nipple. Picture a giant tit-head. Ok.. I'm stopping now.

2003-05-20 18:41:15 ET

Nathan the nipple....lol. Better than Kandess the clit

2003-05-20 18:50:51 ET

or Sarah the sperm.

3 words: Brandi the Butch.

2003-05-20 18:55:44 ET

*cracks up...falling to the floor...losing it* oh man...those...were the days. I miss making fun of her, we should do that more often

2003-05-20 19:00:46 ET

hehe, i am the ulitmate.. i threw a chunk of crab leg at her and her idiot boy-thing, and her parents!

2003-05-20 19:11:59 ET

lol boy-thing...deffinate thing, not so sure about the boy part

2003-05-20 19:26:39 ET

haha yeah i didnt want to say boy-friend.. that would be crediting him with too much dignity

2003-05-20 19:53:16 ET

WOW, This is a tough ass crowd....

2003-05-21 07:55:20 ET

yes but we're fun =)

2003-05-21 11:23:11 ET


2003-05-21 11:29:08 ET


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