What a day...
2003-07-09 14:53:18 ET

I had to work a whole eight hours. Bastards!!!
I don't want a real job anymore! I want to just be rich. I am auditioning tonight for a band that I know. They are really good, but there last singer thought he was GOD's son or some shit. Anyway he's gone. I am pretty sure it will all work out for me. That just spreads me more thin again though. Practice 5 to 6 nights a week starting at 10 pm. I am gonna die.

Oh yeah, I found out today that my exwife got married two weeks ago. I would just like to give her a quick blessing by saying:
"I hope you are forever miserable, and marriage is not the solution for relationship problems! I know he has beaten you up in the past, but I'm sure he did it all out of love.lol May GOD watch over you (when my son is with you) Your relationship is surely doomed! You should try to get knocked up next!!!"

That is all.


2003-07-09 15:43:39 ET

Good luck on the band thing, you know you will find time to do it all.
As for the ex wife. To each their own right, I just wish Jake didn't have to be around that sort of stuff.

2003-07-09 15:44:17 ET

Oh and great design!

2003-07-09 16:34:36 ET


TY Excessivenoise... I hope you are feeling better...

2003-07-09 17:39:18 ET

damn. does the sob do this around your son? if the bastard ever touched Jake my motorcycle and I are available with chains ;)

2003-07-09 17:48:59 ET

I totally agree! There would be nothing that could stop me from erasing his existance. He is scared of me, even though he is bigger than me. I thinks I'm crazy... Muhwhahahaha...
As for Becky, I hope she is not in a bad position cause I don't beleive a woman ever deserves to be thumped on, but she is right where she put herself. UNLESS my son watches. Then I will just have my son all the time and he can pay me child support.
Its not my place to care anymore... Which is weird for me still. I mean there was a time I would have killed for her over someone who even approached her in an agressive way.
Funny how shit changes...

2003-07-09 17:52:23 ET

that's a nice thought - you having custody and getting child support. Any chance of it happening?

2003-07-09 17:54:21 ET

If I had the money for the battle I think I could get him all the time.

2003-07-09 17:56:50 ET

it's that damn money thing that always seems to get in the way of important stuff like that. :(

2003-07-09 18:13:01 ET

Yeah... Friggen society and there stupid tokens for services concept. Its ok though, cause I was watching Star Trek and in the future we don't use money!!! So I got that going for me...:)

2003-07-09 18:16:22 ET


2003-07-16 08:38:21 ET

OK, well it seems my EXwife has found my little SK hiding spot and has read and called me about this thread.


Here is what I have to say about the prior comments. They were not written to threat or intimidate anybody. I do believe my Son should know and be raised by both his parents. I don't want to fight for custody as long as my son is not in the middle of somthing he should not be in.
If I found out he is watching his mom get her ass kicked, Im gonna save him! The only reason other than that would be if found out my son is living in a place that drugs are bieng sold, stored, or abused. Jake will not grow up in that environment. If I had the oppertunity to find out he was in that situation again, I would call the police and I would surely have full custody of my son.

I just re read the the thread. I feel exactly how it all is written. This is a place for me to vent my comments to people I have respect for. They inturn post there reply's and comments from there perspective about the topic I post. Its called constructive cryticism right? Anyone who is trying to polish themself as a good human bieng, should be receptive to such things. I use to get most my cryticism from another source that unfortunatly but obviously has been tapped out. I guess if you don't like it, don't read it.

2003-07-16 08:42:44 ET

you can reset your options to make your journal readable by sk members only if you want.

2003-07-16 08:47:45 ET


2003-07-16 08:50:10 ET


2003-07-16 08:55:00 ET

I would ruin the only true source of cumminications...

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