2005-09-21 06:19:21 ET

well.... as it turns out we have to leave. I was all for staying and watching the hurricane (still want to!) but considering the fact that I live next door to my parents in their 30 year old trailor I think it's best to find another place for a few days. We don't expect it to be here. I'm still hoping/believing that this is all blown way out of proportion and that it's a "normal" hurricane w/out the expected damage. But I'd rather be somewhere safe having fun than here getting shredded by 135mph sustained winds. Not fun.
I'm kind of disappointed because I was all prepared with my knives, gun, flashlights, food & water, candles...etc. I wanted PICTURES! buuuuut.... we'll see how it goes.
I'm about to pack up the computers now... so if nobody ever hears from me again....I probably died. ;-)
Pray for us!

2005-09-21 06:30:44 ET

good luck.

2005-09-21 06:37:11 ET

what state are you in?

yeah, good luck.

2005-09-21 07:16:24 ET

good luck.

2005-09-21 09:40:16 ET

Oi. Luck.

2005-09-22 12:54:37 ET


2005-09-27 02:27:44 ET

Hoohah! Hope it doesn't pass by you! Hope it doesn't pass by anywhere for that matter :/

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