2003-10-23 23:58:18 ET

2003-10-24 02:08:10 ET

you bastard! now you invaded SK too.

the best part about that is they're all fat

2003-10-24 03:34:48 ET

that rocks.

2003-10-24 05:16:58 ET

(... yea sadly other then them bein' fat... i really don't get it) O_o....

2003-10-24 08:48:00 ET

I like Christopher Walken, just thought I'd say that...

2003-10-24 08:48:26 ET

(i do 2 O_o)

2003-10-25 13:36:35 ET

How can you not get it if you like Christopher Walken?

It made me laugh.

2003-10-25 13:38:32 ET

OHHH!!!! I GET IT!!!.... haha sorry it took me awhile to realize how they meant for them to be sayin' it... O_o hahaha (i type like that all the time... i guess i just overlooked it)

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