2003-10-24 09:55:41 ET

Hello, thank you to everyone who commented on my journal.

In other news, grandma came over to do an exorcism on the computer. It's been having trouble lately so I had to call her up for repairs. I used to use some voudoun folk but they just don't do as good a job as grandma. Anyway here's a pic of her at work:

2003-10-24 10:03:41 ET

hahahahahaha tooo much!!!

2003-10-24 10:04:27 ET

Very nice...

2003-10-24 10:06:51 ET

i guess the acordian player... helps her with the exorcism of modern day machine... verses her old ritual routines of healing... O_o... i think that would scare a demon out of me 2... O_o

2003-10-24 10:07:43 ET


2003-10-24 22:09:55 ET


i have no idea what is going on with the acordian

2003-10-24 22:12:50 ET

Polka is the tarantella of computer demons.

2003-10-24 22:16:32 ET


i swear, i used to know what that dance was for

2003-10-24 22:27:15 ET

It was used back in the day in Italy to cure tarantism which was a disease thought to occur because of the bite of the tarantula spider. The victim would begin to jump and dance around furiously and thus the tarantella was played to dance the victim into exhaustion and thus cure him or her. Something like that.

2003-10-24 23:28:50 ET

yep thats the one

2003-10-25 05:29:23 ET

ahhh (used to know how to play the tarantella)(probably should re-learn it O_o

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