2003-10-25 12:24:17 ET

Hey, if anyone wants to comment or add me they should feel free to do so. I don't bite. I don't have rabies. Not anymore at least. And my ass and stomach are still sore from all the shots.

2003-10-25 12:27:16 ET

are you kidding? you should have never gotten rid of it.
foaming at the mouth is a major turn on.

2003-10-25 12:36:02 ET

So much of life is regretting what you've done. My biggest regret? Immunization ass soreness.

2003-10-25 13:43:03 ET

If the young man in all the pictures is you, I kinda wanna do you.

And I mean that with the greatest sense of respect.

2003-10-25 13:49:54 ET


2003-10-25 14:17:15 ET

oh god. you have the best pictures in your gallery.

2003-10-25 14:18:57 ET

Nice hat, comrade.

2003-10-25 14:43:25 ET

new friend *happy dance*

2003-10-25 21:03:26 ET

pay me cash money Tom or I tell Marks. ;)

Oh, hi!

2003-10-26 03:48:08 ET

you are very very beautiful

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