2003-10-26 19:56:30 ET

I think the greatest movie ever made is Terminator because it symbolizes the struggle between man and toaster and how you can use bombs and a hyrdaulic press to get the bread out.

2003-10-26 19:58:37 ET

The greatest movie ever made is The Brave Little Toaster because it proves machines have a)souls, b)courage, and c)a sense of camraderie. These are the essentials to human life.

2003-10-26 20:38:56 ET

The Brave Little Toaster got a little too brave and wouldn't give me my bread so I jammed a butter knife down its innards. Needless to say my fingers are all charred.

2003-10-26 20:42:48 ET

haha an english professor at my college actually made a presentation about that, it was great

2003-10-26 20:44:10 ET

It's all about Lampy. No one fucked with him because when the time came, he threw down for his friends. It should really be called The Brave Little Desk Lamp.

2003-10-26 22:13:59 ET

i think the most inspirational movie would be... Unbreakable... it showed us... that we all should be able to lift 500 pounds of cement and small volkswagon

oh yea... and water is deadly O_o

2003-10-27 05:41:17 ET

Only to ninjas.

2003-10-27 07:01:57 ET

the most inspirational movie is Falling Down.
It taught us the differences between regular American citizens and sick fucks.

2003-10-27 07:28:24 ET

I think that squeaking dog in 'Snatch' was pretty inspirational. I haven't been to the movies in ages. I'm too tempted to laugh during the wrong parts and face wrath from fellow moviegoers.

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