2003-10-28 19:49:43 ET

I weep.



"Courtney Love as Joan Vollmer Burroughs"

2003-10-28 20:04:25 ET

haha she was just arrested for a drug felony (agian?).

2003-10-28 20:05:57 ET

(doesn't like courtney love O_o)

2003-10-28 20:10:03 ET

i love old hole. but not courtney love. i dunno she agrovates me with her purposeful stupidity and drug abuse.

2003-10-28 20:17:32 ET

and her blatant murder of kurt cobain O_o... :::grrr:::... well that and she's kinda whorish gets sort of annoying... i mean it's ok for someone to be 'sexual' but damn...

(no offense intended haha :-))

2003-10-28 20:18:14 ET

i getcha.

2003-10-29 04:28:26 ET

Oh come on, it got a 2.5 out of 5 stars!

2003-10-30 19:01:39 ET

courtney love is a scab.

2003-10-30 20:10:02 ET

shes a bit addicted to attention....

but enamon you such a beautiful man....

come on who doesnt agree with me

2003-10-31 10:20:16 ET

i feel sorry for francis..she had/has druggie parents, one commited suicide, one is using..and it seems she's always back in forth with coutney or kurts mom (her grandma)..sucks.

2003-11-01 08:14:12 ET

poor girl.

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