Damn writer's block
2003-11-03 20:21:40 ET

2003-11-03 20:46:13 ET

ABBA, hmmm, you must have it bad...

2003-11-03 21:03:23 ET

I am behind you. I always find you. I am the tiger.

I mean. If that qualifies as writing, you should be able to do much better. I saw your mystery post yesterday.

Become one with the tiger.

2003-11-03 21:18:33 ET

What the hell is add?

2003-11-03 21:25:11 ET

::starts singing::

You can daaaance, you can jiiiiive, having the time of your liiiiife.... See that girl.... watch that scene - dig in the Dancing Queen....

2003-11-04 10:58:24 ET

NO!!! Stop the evil!

2003-11-04 12:56:18 ET

Don't hang up on me.

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