Hot Love In Hiroshima
2003-11-03 21:51:56 ET

there's a pitcher by your picture
and a fly on the wall
i'm sitting here pruning the roses
laying out the pills and counting the doses
and watching your sillouhette burned onto the wall

they said we'd never make it and that our love
it wouldn't last
but even now forever separated i sit here dreaming
knowing that at the very least our love
survived the nuclear blast

2003-11-04 12:38:37 ET

Did you write that?

2003-11-04 14:25:13 ET

Yes, why?

2003-11-04 14:26:28 ET

I like it. ^________^ I wish i could write as good as you do.

2003-11-04 16:36:41 ET

that's hot. no pun intended.

2003-11-05 19:58:48 ET

yes, i would say that's pretty damn good.

2003-11-05 20:00:51 ET

Thank you! Wow I'm surprised people liked it. I wrote that in two minutes because I was bored and decided to update my journal with something. Boredom is quite the dangerous thing.

2003-11-05 20:07:32 ET

Boredom + me =

2003-11-05 20:08:18 ET


2003-11-05 20:08:50 ET

I think it's a striking likeness meself.

2003-11-05 20:21:35 ET

Boredom is when my pupils get big and swallow the light and i look out the window and the day's become night and out there in the fields nothing moves not a stone in the fields is a cactus and he stands alone... cactus.



2003-11-05 20:31:30 ET


2003-11-05 20:33:43 ET


2003-11-05 20:34:05 ET


2003-11-05 20:34:43 ET

I use cactus as a freudian substitute for my uncactus like neck.

2003-11-05 20:39:43 ET

Freudian neck? Then I used the wrong cactus. Here you go.

2003-11-05 21:29:37 ET


2003-11-05 21:31:46 ET

Hey ladies fans come enjoy my peniscactus!

2003-11-05 21:36:39 ET

This picture is going to be spread all over the internet now under "HOTT CACTUS ACTION!!!!!!!"

2003-11-06 10:09:45 ET

Call 1-900-4-CACTUS to get it on with some HOT cactus action!

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