2003-11-05 21:04:11 ET

I need a job/money. Because I am a male I guess that rules out being a paid escort for ladies fans, stripping, and camwhoring. I just might have to resort to guinea pigging. Again. Oh what fun it is to have tubes stuck in my arteries and to lay unmoving in a brain imaging machine for two hours. Oh well at least they pay.

2003-11-05 21:07:28 ET

guinea pig sounds like a good idea O_o

2003-11-05 21:08:49 ET

you could be a gigalo?

2003-11-05 21:10:15 ET

I don't know how. It's so much easier for women. Just stand on a street corner. Meanwhile what do I have to do? Stand somewhere with a large sign that says "Meat For Money"?

2003-11-05 21:13:44 ET

:::finger to chin::: it worked in Jay and Silent bob Strike Back... sept for it was... a give head picture...

2003-11-05 21:32:07 ET

Actually, if you go to the right (or horribly wrong, depending how you look at it) parts of town, all you need to do is wear very tight pants, a sleeveless shirt, and a pout, and stand outside a gay bar.

You can then bring up the matter of payment, and proceed to prosper. Good luck!

2003-11-05 21:33:17 ET

(I'm afraid it's not quite this easy with the ladies)

2003-11-05 21:33:34 ET

Well I'm more interested in the opposite sex. I'm not really into that whole Batman and Robin scene.

2003-11-05 21:35:05 ET

You're screwed, then. No pun intended.

Women never pay for sex. They might pay you to make their coffee and paint stuff for them, or clean things, but there's no dignity in that.

2003-11-05 21:36:17 ET

I know. Damn sexism.

2003-11-05 21:37:11 ET

If I were you I'd consider dealing drugs, I mean all the cool kids are doing it anyway.

2003-11-05 21:41:37 ET

Yeah, deal drugs.

2003-11-05 21:42:28 ET

hahaha yea... better luck... been there... girls can get sex for free... haha they don't have to pay :-P...

and dealing drugs has a very prosperous amount of cash flow... of course... i'd worry about getting a safehouse... that'd help you from getting caught..

2003-11-05 21:46:04 ET

Which drugs are we talking about here? And I would like to hear from some ladies fans. Would you, ladies fans, ever pay for sex? With me?


What if I pretend to be a robot?

2003-11-05 21:47:35 ET

If I were dealing drugs, I'd target women mainly. This is how I'd do it:

One: Get viagra for women, sell it to women. ONLY WOMEN!

Two: An hour after they take it, offer to have sex with them for money. This is a fool proof plan.

2003-11-05 21:51:05 ET

that or buy excedrin migraine medicine and sale it to stupid middle schoolers and tell them it is X ;-)... haha it's cheap... sales can be good... and mostly people that's never done it... won't know the dif...

2003-11-05 21:59:12 ET

id have sex for you for free!

but, if you want money to hump... name your price!

2003-11-05 22:06:47 ET

Um... $100 per hour. Prices are negotiable. Buy one get one free. Look under the cap to see if you're a winner!

2003-11-05 22:08:06 ET

can i pay by the orgasm?

2003-11-05 22:09:16 ET

Si senorita!


Sergey realizes he has no pockets on his naked body.

Hold on while I strap wallet to ankle!

2003-11-05 22:33:26 ET

Oh my. What happened to the drugs?

Much respect,

2003-11-05 22:33:54 ET

I do not WANT to know what the "cap" is.

Wait, YES I DO.

2003-11-06 04:54:17 ET

theres plenty a market for male whores... you just need to find the right customers. In fact, I have three key words for you



2003-11-06 06:58:43 ET

yes, as my old boss always said, the wrinkles don't scratch.

2003-11-06 07:14:45 ET

and ala adam sandler:

wrinkled skin equals wrinkled sheets!

2003-11-06 10:34:41 ET

I've decided that I am going to learn all about being a man whore from this guy:

2003-11-06 11:46:46 ET

I thought about being a man whore once... then I got a girlfriend. That kinda put a dampener on the plan. Sex is good, but getting paid to move my hips? yeah... that I could do!

2003-11-06 14:34:34 ET

hahaha... yes yes... david lee roth... perfect man whore speciman to learn from... :::laughs:::

now all you need to do... is become a famous rockstar... hell that should be easy enough... if Good Charlotte could do it... anyone can :-)

2003-11-06 22:09:14 ET

I sometimes do dirty dancing for money.. In my Sociology class mainly, I dance to the song by 2 Live Crew called "Too Much Booty In Da Pants." It's great..

2003-11-07 03:51:02 ET

lol...too much booty in da pants...that's great.

2003-11-07 04:14:15 ET


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