2003-11-12 22:39:57 ET

I am going to become rich just so I could open a museum devoted entirely to the human body. The building will be in the shape of a humongous hemaphrodite (so I won't have to spend money making two buildings one male one female). I'm still not sure where the entrance will be. I can't decide. It will be either the urethra, the vagina, or the anus.

2003-11-12 22:42:01 ET

Do like Walden Books, make the vagina the normal entry with silly slidding doors, and the urethra for children!

Much respect,

2003-11-12 22:43:09 ET

entrance: vagina, with the doors being the lips and maybe have a light somewhere in there to make it look like the clitorus.

exit: anus, with a big brown carpet that leads you to it.

2003-11-12 22:43:54 ET

Yeah, combine our ideas.

Much respect,

2003-11-13 00:41:24 ET

Brilliant. But would there be windows?

2003-11-13 03:40:46 ET

you could have lookout turrets in the nipples.

2003-11-13 13:15:46 ET

I saw this in the Saatchi:

however, I prefer to live in the Giant Pineapple of Austrailia. Where's oddstar and mizz, my acolytes?

2003-11-14 07:34:35 ET

I saw an art exhibit with dissected human bodies. Some of them had prisonlike tattoos. One of them was playing chess. Sadly the building was just boring and squarish, as opposed to human shaped.

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