2003-11-24 10:23:27 ET

Turkey Day is coming soon. Who will be spared? Nothing is safe on Turkey Day.

2003-11-24 11:22:10 ET

except for that one....4th turkey from the left, 2 up. That one looks on the fh3y side, so it'll be rejected.

2003-11-24 12:40:31 ET

=D i think you have an unhealthy fascination with troubled poultry.

2003-11-24 12:48:46 ET

they all look so delicious.

2003-11-25 12:00:59 ET

Apparently turkeys like to have gregorian chants played to them, but hate whale noises.

2003-11-25 12:13:17 ET


2003-11-26 14:20:58 ET

Welcome to the slaughter.

2003-12-14 10:46:41 ET

that's not gonna convince anyone into NOT eating them.

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