Late night ramblings I'm probably going to regret...
2003-12-03 22:29:28 ET

One night stands should be as easy as lemonade stands or even simpler. Just put your info on a list and wham bam thank you m'am. I'm an ordained minister, damn it! I need some temporary loving!

2003-12-03 23:16:36 ET

"Now serving number 22. Number 22 please come up to the front desk...."

2003-12-04 00:01:21 ET

I signed up for one of those things. I got number 9 and ended up having to fuck Yoko Ono. *shudder*

Let's just say that I ran very very fast away from there...

2003-12-04 11:44:46 ET

Before or after you did the dirty with O-NO!?

2003-12-04 12:30:43 ET

Before. I didn't want her to SNATCH me!

2003-12-04 12:35:06 ET


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