2003-12-06 13:48:37 ET

2003-12-06 13:49:53 ET

That's funny.

2003-12-06 13:50:26 ET

And also... The more I see your avatar, the more I start to believe you actually look like Christopher Walken.

2003-12-06 14:26:37 ET

When I first signed up here I tried to get people to think that that's how I look like.

2003-12-06 19:18:50 ET

lol, i thought that dude in your avatar was you for a while..till i saw those other pics of that other dude

2003-12-08 06:25:14 ET

heeeh - hilarious idea with the avatar

2003-12-14 10:44:03 ET

the red and blue pills screwed his head up big time already, so the cookies won't make dramatic differences to his life right now.

2003-12-22 08:47:22 ET


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