2004-04-10 17:25:34 ET

I just came back from the comic book store after picking up a copy of Fortean Times for $7.25

Damn money. I remember the good old days when everything cost a brick through the window and fast running.

2004-04-10 17:28:27 ET

ah, the good 'ol days

2004-04-10 17:58:00 ET

You mean the L.A. riots? Didn't that only last for a few days though?

2004-04-10 18:51:13 ET

I live on the East Coast, foo'!

2004-04-10 18:54:13 ET

Midwest reprezent! I bust a cap in yo ass, foo!

2004-04-10 18:59:21 ET

My city can beat up your city.

2004-04-10 19:00:28 ET

I'd like to see your city try.

2004-04-10 19:04:25 ET

Joo don' know if I gotta knife joo don' know if I gotta gun joo don' know nothin', mang!

2004-04-10 19:08:13 ET

foshizzle nizzle, i'll bust a cappizzle in yo shizzle if you dont backoffizle. w3rd.

2004-04-10 22:48:49 ET

shush your mouths, foolz. I live in los angeles and remember the riots well. My city is shittier than your city, hands down.

2004-04-11 19:23:21 ET

hm i live in subrabia..yea be scared! ill get my christian all american neighbors to beat you with their cake of butter and fat

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