Coitus Interruptus
2004-04-21 01:37:33 ET

Some people say that we should stop eating cows. However, when you start thinking about you start to ask yourself - what would happen to all the cows once the cow factories close? Would they go off and run free in the wild? I mean, when was the last time you saw a pack of wild cows roaming through nature's pastures? No, the cows wouldn't last too long in such an environment. In fact they'd become endangered pretty quick. Which brings me to my point. Instead of labeling a species of animal as "endangered" and putting it on a list we should put it on a menu. Imagine if you could go to a KFC and order yourself a nice big bucket of bald eagle wings or go to a McDonald's and order yourself a Manatee burger. Those animals would get off the endangered list pretty damn quick. Why? Because you'd have cattle yards for endangered species. They'd be bred, fattened, hormonated, processed, and cooked all at an amazing rate. In fact there'd be too much of them. More people would eat bald eagle meat then chicken meat and soon the chicken will go the way of the Dodo. Extinct. And cows too. And buffalo.

2004-04-21 03:29:04 ET

You raise a good point.

2004-04-24 19:59:07 ET

Some animals are able to reproduce quicker than others and though this doesn't necessarily apply to cows, they oftentimes have a larger success rate of birth with or without human intervention.

On another note, wild cows still exist near my home in southflorida. They don't mind the swamp because of the massive amount of vegetation.

2004-04-24 20:12:44 ET

Are they wild like prairie dog wild? Or Mad Max wild?

2004-04-24 20:19:50 ET


2004-05-12 13:01:32 ET

i wrote a paper on that back in '96 and my professor tried to fail me simply because they were part of peta.
then again my previous paper was on a drive-thru that would be a combination of an animal shelter, chinese restaurant, fur store and it would be staffed by homeless hungry people. you know, drop off a load of unwanted kittens, pick up some dinner and then get a nice pair of puppy mittens.... it was a beautiful way to solve several of society's ills in one whack.

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