I have an important announcement to make.
2004-04-25 19:18:53 ET

I am great. I just thought you should all know that.

2004-04-26 06:27:14 ET

Did you get laid?

2004-04-26 09:11:37 ET

Eh. I wish.

2004-04-27 15:04:15 ET

Note taken. :]

2004-04-27 21:25:48 ET

what is making you so great

2004-04-28 14:26:20 ET

by being the sexy piece of man he is....
or something.

2004-04-28 17:11:22 ET

i can see the point your laying out

high five to that!

2004-04-29 09:00:53 ET

Haha thanks! I should take some vanity pictures of myself in patented Enamonic pimp gas mask and coat.

2004-04-29 15:39:38 ET

now sir calm down..you dont want to kill her with that

2004-04-30 18:40:26 ET

my little heart might implode.

2004-04-30 20:28:16 ET

and no one wants that

too much money

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