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2004-04-30 14:12:46 ET

Chapter 2

Jesus walked into a hardware looking to buy some nails. Pontius stood there working the counter. "Hey, Jesus! How's it hanging?" he asked. "Not too good," answered Jesus, "I almost got crucified by my rabbi at the synagogue for working on Shabbath." "That sucks moosecock!" said Pontius following it up with "Hey, Jesus! I've been meaning to ask you..."

"Yes?" said Jesus.

Pontius looked uncomfortable. "Well... I've been thinking. If you're Jewish then why do you have a Puerto Rican first name?"

"Oh," said Jesus, "I had to change my name when I got into the porno industry."

Pontius looked surprised. "You're in porno?"

"Yeah," said Jesus, "just the other day I did this scene for a flick called Virgins Denatured. I had a 10 minute scene with this new chick goes by the name of Mary."

"How was it?" asked Pontius.

"Divine." said Jesus.

2004-05-03 16:15:50 ET

speaking of jesus..i was jesus today yet the mexican girl thats really a jew jesus

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