Last Fina set (for now).
2004-05-06 02:14:39 ET

2004-05-06 05:43:48 ET

The second one is really cool.

2004-05-06 06:57:34 ET

What a face!

2004-05-06 15:37:57 ET

is she your lady or best friend or mistress...?

2004-05-07 13:16:56 ET

All three but first of all best friend.

2004-05-07 21:51:24 ET

aw so she is your good friend had her boyfriend be her best friend.then they broke up the other day. its been weird though..ahh

2004-05-11 13:53:49 ET

i have that cherry dress :)

2004-05-11 15:03:30 ET

i always wanted to get one of those dresse since they are cute and shrt and pretty.. yet i never tried hmm

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