2004-05-12 12:45:50 ET

My reality has just been shattered. I have found out that Family Matters was actually a spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

2004-05-12 12:53:15 ET

Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that.

2004-05-12 12:59:38 ET

I think I read about that once. A good show to spin off of though. Balki was the shit.

2004-05-12 13:08:54 ET


2004-05-12 16:27:26 ET

impossible! must you make me go into denial..

2004-05-17 14:34:14 ET


2004-05-30 10:05:58 ET

How is it a spin off? in english, please

2004-05-30 11:12:38 ET

Mrs. Winslow was the elevator operator in the apartment building of the building where cousin Dave worked. At least that's what I read. Totally obscure spin-off.

2004-05-30 11:47:50 ET

I actually remember seeing that!

2004-05-30 14:21:04 ET

No, she was the elevator operator in the building used by the newspaper Chronicle for which Dave worked. ph33r my l337 imdb skillz!

2004-05-30 14:24:48 ET

That's what I just said you cunt, lol.

2004-05-30 14:52:02 ET

You said "apartment building of the building" you vagina synonym! Don't mess with Jambi!

2004-05-30 14:55:00 ET

Oh god, you're right. I'm an idiot, haha. I meant to say where Dave worked though, I actually knew that. I take that back, you're not a cunt. You're a warm squishy love glove.

2004-05-30 14:57:36 ET

You're not an idiot. You're a vaseline laden towel dipped in warm water.

2004-05-30 14:59:42 ET

And you're not a moron. You're a clean diaper and a latex glove being worn by a midget.

2004-05-30 15:03:41 ET

And you're not a Kraut. You're a sauer.

2004-05-30 15:51:20 ET


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