This is absurdly simple.
2004-06-05 14:02:06 ET

How Many Petals Around The Rose? -

It takes some a few seconds to get it (like me ) and it takes some people hours. See if you can figure out How Many Petals Around The Rose?

2004-06-05 14:31:58 ET

I got it right once but can't figure out why, ARGH wahduhajamjsdmaid

2004-06-05 14:40:37 ET


2004-06-05 14:47:59 ET

I GOT IT mwahahahhaha

2004-06-05 14:50:05 ET


he would always explain that the smarter you were, the longer it took to figure it out.
At least this gives me some comfort.

But it's driving me crazy!

2004-06-05 14:51:01 ET

it took me like half an hour, BUT I GOT IT *dances*

now i can sleep at night

2004-06-05 17:51:33 ET

PM me if you want me to explain it.

2004-06-13 10:02:10 ET

i must be dumb as hell because i figured it out before i even tried. at least i think i get it, i get it right every time... strange.

2004-06-13 10:41:01 ET

Oh man, I forgot all about this. It's been, what, a week. I still haven't figured it out.

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