One Strange-Lookin' MoFo
2004-07-28 20:38:16 ET

So HOPE 5 came and went. Here are some vanity pics from it:

2004-07-28 21:07:23 ET


2004-07-28 21:47:15 ET

haha those are kewl pics!

2004-07-29 04:24:24 ET

i had a decent one of you sitting in the dark with the laptop monitor lighting up your face, by decent i mean horrible and you can't make anything out.

2004-07-29 05:46:55 ET

Cool. Anything that doesn't show off my tentacles is OK by me.

2004-07-30 22:09:06 ET

whats that for?

2004-08-09 13:59:04 ET

Me tentacles are for tentaclizing.

2004-08-09 18:44:02 ET

but something that shows your tentacles would be even kewler ^__^

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