Axis Powers Unite!
2004-07-30 20:36:16 ET

I was explaing this to someone earlier on Friday:

"See, the two games epitomizing the whole Nintendo experience are Mario and Zelda. So it's as if Nintendo has two representatives - Mario and Link. Now we all know that Mario's an Italian but Link... Link looks to me like something straight out of Nordic mythology. I mean we know he's an elf but he's also got that whole blond hair Aryan race type of thing going for him. So what I'm saying is that the two symbols of Nintendo are Italian and German. And remember what Nintendo is? That's right. Japanese. I bet before they decided to call it the NES they were thinking of going with APU. Axis Powers Unite."

2004-07-30 22:53:40 ET

Sounds like the Facist Snoopy argument.

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