Me hairy self.
2004-08-13 17:13:35 ET

2004-08-13 21:56:55 ET

It's cucumbers. Not paper. You'll get it one day....

2004-08-14 00:05:19 ET

such a russian! wow

2004-08-14 00:12:20 ET

the best part was, when i was in russia, he was there too. (and we had lunch)

2004-08-14 06:11:46 ET

Should submit yourself to the victoria's secret catelogue.

2004-08-14 08:01:34 ET

mismonster: Actually those are bottle caps.

jackie likes PB: Fear my Soviet skills.

Arsenic: Yeah that was great. I hope I'll be able to go back there soon.

antony green: I'd be modeling some sort of lace D cup 8 titted bra.

2004-08-14 08:42:02 ET

how can i fear it? im surrounded by russians even one. yikes?

how did you manage the lunch together?

2004-08-14 23:27:54 ET

we TELEPHONED. and then we're like "meet here at this time. yes sir!"

2004-08-14 23:49:16 ET

Immediately after Ars arrived at the Russian airport, hot lesbian sex ensued in the barber shop.

2004-08-14 23:57:07 ET


2004-08-15 10:45:39 ET

i must find thing telephone thing you speak of

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