The Smiths
2004-09-07 10:46:49 ET

Mr. Smith's Cabinet:

Mrs. Smith's Cabinet:

2004-09-07 11:51:51 ET

.... do i see a doll's hand on one of the dildos?

2004-09-07 11:57:25 ET

It's like the baby wants to climb back in...

2004-09-07 12:39:02 ET

I want a battery operated vagina.

2004-09-07 16:20:51 ET

hahahah i just realized that what i thought was a big fake ass you can fuck is 2 boobies for fake tittie fucking.

how fucking awesome is that.

2004-09-07 16:38:58 ET

sex toys are teh surrealism.

2004-09-07 20:29:38 ET

Vagitits are teh best stuffs.

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