Wow. A personal entry.
2004-09-26 19:24:02 ET

I went outside a few minutes ago with the beast Bonnie so she could run around in the yard for a while and do her business. There is so much light pollution outside. I'm not complaining. It's great. Like an artifical form of some permanent twilight. You can walk around at 3 in the morning with your head all clear and the streets lone and abandoned and seeing things in a different light. It's hard to describe.

When I went back in I remembered about the silkworms. My mum had brought them home from school and we kept them in shoeboxes stuffed with the leaves of this silkworm tree. I dont know its English name and I've forgotten the Russian one. The leaves are mostly gone now and the bottoms of the boxes are littered with tiny little fecal pellets. The worms are gone too, they've wrapped themselves in cocoons of strong silk where they will mutate and evolve. Right now they look like cotton balls caught in a web.

In other news, I've been looking at buying some Russian handguns when I'll finally get some sort of money source. What with my screwy college schedule and all a job is out of the question. Not to mention that with my fucked up attention span and chronic procrastination I'm barely keeping up with my work. I might be fucked but it's too early to tell. What's worse is that it's my mum's money so...

Come winter time though I'm definately going to have to find work. I've been offered a security job someplace that pays quite well or I might go the way of a friend of mine and get A+ certified. Then I'll be able to join some sort of computer repair shop.

Once I'll have the cash I'm going to buy the following:

Mosin Nagant (Probably a Romanian M44 since they're cheap and short)
1938 Nagant Revolver
Makarov (Chambered in 9x18 Makarov and not .380 ACP. I'll get a .380 barrel though so I could play around with both rounds.)
CZ 52 (It's a Czech version of the Tokarev with a few improvements. It fires the potent 7.62 x 25 Tokarev round. There's a version that fires 9mm Luger rounds but it's not as powerful.)

Since the licensing fees for firearms in NYC are insane I'm probably going to buy these through a friend in Vermont and I'll store and shoot them there until I'll be able to move to a more gun-friendly environment. But that all depends on a lot of things.

Anyway, I think this might be my first personal entry on SK. I just figured I'd write something different for a change. And now I must go do some English 110 homework I've been putting off for... oh about a week.

2004-09-26 19:48:23 ET

yea i'm thinkin' about gettin' a 25 cal. and a 22. pistol... i haven't decided what kinds...
or if i'll go anyfurther... not sure if i'm much of a gun person yet... just figure it'd be a good thing to have...

pretty crazy to see a personal post from ya... nice to meet ya :::shakeshand:::

2004-09-26 19:54:03 ET

Hey, nice to meet you.

If the reason you're thinking about getting a .22 or .25 caliber pistol is size then may I suggest either the P-32 (Chambered for the .32 acp round) or the P3AT (chambered for the .380 Auto round) from Kel-Tec. They're small, inexpensive, reliable pistols and are excellent for self-defense.

Now if you're just thinking about plinking at some soda cans I've heard the Ruger Mark II (chambered for .22 LR) is an excellent choice.


Kel-Tec P-32 -
Kel-Tec P3AT -
Ruger Firearms -

2004-09-26 20:32:15 ET

thanx for the links... (i was actually thinkin' about the 22 pistol for the meer fact there is one in the pawn shop in k-ville for like 50 bucks haha)...

i need to get a gun permit... i have no clue how much one costs around here... i'll have to ask my cousin... do you collect?

2004-09-26 21:02:28 ET

I wish. I'm in NYC, the city with some of the most fascist gun control laws on the books. I'm seriously considering moving to Vermont when I'll get the chance. Not just because the gun laws are muuuuch more liberal but also because land there is very cheap (since it's mostly wooded areas).

Hmm... may be I'll build some Ewok style tree house to live in.

2004-09-26 21:08:53 ET

sounds like a plan... yea i can't really handle big cities myself...
they're cool to visit... but just makes me feels very sophicated... love people... but i love my nature and alone time a ton...

luckily out here... guns aren't too controlled... so it shouldn't be too bad gettin' a permit hopefully...

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