Public Service Announcement
2004-09-30 07:06:04 ET

If someone tells you the following:

"I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."

then what they are really trying to say is:

"I am your cousin's former roommate."


Yes, I know. I have too much free time.

2004-09-30 07:50:16 ET

im still lost and u spelt it out...

2004-09-30 07:54:43 ET

Your father's brother is your uncle. Your uncle's nephew is most likely you (though not necessarily so but it still doesn't matter since). Your cousin (or your uncle's nephew who is not you) is your cousin. Thus your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate is your cousin's former roommate. Hence, Dark Helmet.

2004-09-30 07:55:35 ET

hahahaha ok...i get it now, thats funni...very clever guessing u were bored??

2004-09-30 07:56:34 ET

Yeah. I've actually realized all that a long time ago but I forgot to tell anyone.

2004-09-30 08:45:11 ET

wooo... quite the brain racker... atleast it makes ya think

2004-09-30 09:07:52 ET

in an 80's chinese movie (forgot which, but I remember it as a kid) that a mock talk show actually figured out loophole as such up to 30 steps.

2004-09-30 15:53:12 ET

woah 30 steps..that is crazy

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