2004-10-03 19:18:27 ET

I think they put crack into barbecue sauce.

2004-10-03 19:21:31 ET

quite possibly so.

What are your reasons for thinking so though?

2004-10-03 19:49:28 ET

Because I've locked myself in my room, lined the walls with aluminum foil, and just sat there for days eating barbecue sauce straight from the bottle.

2004-10-03 19:51:13 ET

you're just figuring this out? watch out for maple syrup too! my dad had a major addiction for years. he horded so many bottles. eventually we had to have an intervention.

2004-10-06 18:29:47 ET

it's to take you away from chocolate.

2004-10-06 19:06:27 ET


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