I've never had a hamster.
2004-10-28 09:30:17 ET

Someone (and I won't mention who it is) thought it'd be really funny to put my hamster in the microwave and set it to COOK. That certain someone will soon be enjoying a new asshole.


2004-10-28 09:59:34 ET

O_o... uhm... you jokin' right?

2004-10-28 11:03:04 ET


2004-10-28 11:54:50 ET


2004-11-09 11:02:20 ET

Actually if you'd look at the topic you'd see that I have never had a hamster. Nor do I want one. Vile, malevolent creatures they are.

2004-11-09 11:03:44 ET

pretty odd... how we all failed to notice the topic O_o

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