Driver Talk
2004-11-07 19:37:55 ET

I think that when giving instructions to a driver one should talk like this:

1. Instead of saying "press on the brakes" or some variant simply say "brakes" or "brake". This is a shorter and a quicker message and it gets the same point across. However, I also consider it to be safer since when one hears the word "Press" one might instinctively press on whatever pedal their foot is on. This might just be the gas pedal.

2. Instead of saying something like "Turn left on the next turn" say something like "Next turn turn left" because otherwise upon hearing "turn left" if the former is said then one might turn left on the current intersection instead of the next one. In the latter statement one finds out right away that some action must be performed at the NEXT turn. This is clearer and helps avoid making a turn too soon.

2004-11-08 01:59:43 ET

well usually if anyone give directions like you've mentioned above they SHOULDN'T give directions.

2004-11-09 05:03:30 ET

3. Instead of saying "Yo, braindead! The manual!" say something short like "Truck!"

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