Commie Rifles
2004-11-21 19:13:46 ET

Damn NYC. If I lived either on Long Island or somewhere north of the city I'd be able to own these without a hassle. Instead, if I want to possess these rifles where I live I have to pay exorbitant fees for a rifle/shotgun permit application and then wait an unspecified amount of time just to know if it's been approved or not. And I have to do this every year. Of course I have no job and little money so all that's out of the question. I can, of course, buy them instate, away from the city, but that would mean I can only store them outside of the city.

Anyway, the first picture is of a Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 and the second picture is of an SKS which is a rifle my dad was issued during his service in the Russian army. The one I want is a Yugoslavian one since they're cheap. The Mosin Nagant series of rifles is cheap too so once I'll be able to buy and possess them I'll probably get the 91/30, the m38, and the m44. Though the 38 and the 44 are louder and recoil more due to their shorter barrels and lesser weights.

I should add that the Mosin Nagant is chambered for the 7.62x54mm cartridge. It holds 5 cartridges in its internal magazine and is loaded using stripper clips.

The SKS is chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge and it holds 10 rounds in its internal magazine. It is also loaded using stripper clips. Unlike the Mosin Nagant which is a bolt action rifle, the SKS is a semiautomatic rifle which features a gas operated action and a tilting bolt (for locking).

Mosin Nagant 91/30


Of course these are only a few of the rifles in my mental wishlist. However, these are the ones I want to get first. Also, I am wanting a Romanian 1969 training rifle chambered for the 22 LR cartridge. Once I'll have the money I'll probably just buy them in a pack of five since they're currently cheap, they may go up in price, and I can tinker with them.

2004-11-21 21:06:42 ET

having both of those rifles, i must say that you are making good choices.

as far as the NY gun laws, i'm sorry - they're absolutely nuts. NY and Cali are probably the only places worse for firearm enthusiasts than the Chicago area.

the fun thing with the nagant is the ridiculous muzzle flash: my dad and i have see jets of flame at least 2 ft. long shoot out of that thing.

the fun thing with the SKS is that with some minor modification, i've been told, it will accept AK magazines, including the drums. that + a tac trigger + a bipod = your own personal SAW. well, if you don't mind destroying the barrel after a while.

2004-11-21 21:11:37 ET

Well it's the NYC laws that suck moosecock. NY gun laws in general aren't that bad when you consider the fact that we neighbor New Jersey which has the state equivalent of the AWB in effect.

I've heard that the immense muzzle flash is more common on the short barrel MNs like the 44 and the 38. Doesn't the 91/30 have around 8 extra inches of barrel length?

As for the SKS I've heard you have to file the magazine port since standard hi-cap AK mags are wider than the SKS built-in one. I'll check up on that.

2004-11-21 21:18:01 ET

you know, now that you mention it, i do have the carbine 38 version, not the 91/30. sorry about that. but it is neat to have a rifle that you can use as a flame thrower in dire straits, heh.

2004-11-22 04:52:34 ET

yeah, all the mns I've seen are pretty damn cheap. like 90-100$ too bad I wouldn't have anywhere to store one since I live on campus...

2004-11-22 05:52:50 ET

I keep seeing them online for ~$60. Of course that doesn't include shipping and FFL transfer fees.

2004-11-22 06:37:02 ET

DefektivUnit: You forgot about D.C..... Oh, and you forgot about Poland.

2004-11-22 06:44:04 ET

yeah, but I think I'd worry about that low, and especially online. No telling what kind of cracks or warped stocks or whatever they've got

2004-11-22 07:03:00 ET

LeoZ - i did forget about DC, but i felt the conversation implied that the scope of the subject matter was limited to the 48 contiguous United States of America.

2004-11-22 07:14:57 ET

Ah... *Insert witty comment here*

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