2004-12-06 22:52:39 ET

AR-15 type rifle converted to a 7.62x25 carbine:


2004-12-06 23:19:34 ET

what do you want to shoot with that gun obsession?

2004-12-06 23:29:23 ET

Bullets preferably.

2004-12-06 23:36:24 ET

Heh. It's late.

Anyway, I'm hoping that there's a rifle range out here somewhere. If there is then I'll be shooting at a paper target. Of course if I had my way I'd probably be somewhere in the woods shooting robots. I think Venadium, Arsenic, and I had an idea for something like that a while back. We never got around to doing it though since none of us possess any firearms.

2004-12-06 23:41:37 ET

meanwhile you can always shoot pellet guns together considering they'd still do damage to paper targets.

2004-12-06 23:50:10 ET

Well there's a problem with pellet guns.

First off - they're illegal in New York City.
Second of all - they lack range.
Third off - the hole they make is nearly invisible.
Fourth of all - they'll do nothing against our "robots".
Fifth of all - it's the difference between a longbow and a crossbow. One's easier to shoot and thus lacks any challenge. The other one's more difficult but is superior. A better analogy would be: Real firearm (even a .22lr one) = Star Wars on the big screen. Pellet gun (.177) = The Ewok Christmas Special on TV.
Sixth - There's no fun in assemblying pellet guns. Actually, as far as I know, there are no pellet gun kits being sold. And their mechanism is completely different from that of firearms. And I'm big into the whole engineering/mechanical aspect of firearms.

2004-12-07 00:27:11 ET

Heh. I just thought of a much better analogy:

It's like comparing a bicycle to a motorcycle. Both look somewhat similar and both will get you from point A to point B. However anyone can ride a bicycle as it requires little skill to use normally. A motorcycle takes more skill. However you still need to work and practice a lot to master both.

2004-12-07 03:16:51 ET

Well, they must have had to replace the barrel and build anew bolt assembly. damn. I hate that weapon. The M16/(C)AR-15 suck donkey balls. I like the Mp5, Bullpup and the M249 SAW :)

2004-12-07 10:33:45 ET

Well the CAR-15 is different from the AR-15 and the M16 and the M4. If I recall correctly it's what the XM177E was called before improvements. It has an extremely short barrel.

Yeah, I'm going to sign up for that forum just to ask the guy about any modifications to the bolt. In this configuration though it's more powerful than the MP5 simply of the round it fires (the Russian 7.62x25 Tokarev round). If the guy clocked it correctly the muzzle velocity is ~2100ft/sec. That's damn fast.

As for the bullpup - which one are you referring to?


and it's a sad fact that I have not yet had a chance to fire any sort of gun. :( Damn NYC.

2004-12-07 22:41:43 ET

Yes, I am familiar with all the weapons you mentioned. The M4 is great for close quarters but I still go with the M249 just for the reliabity and ability to put so many rounds down range.

The main problem with the M16 is how the care of the weapon varies so much depending on climate. In a wet climate you need to keep water out of it and filled with CLP. In the desert if you use CLP sand clings to it and jams the bolt. Also, any small amount of moisture makes the damn thing rust.

The Bullpup I meant was the Aussie Army Weapon.

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