An idea
2004-12-12 10:24:06 ET

I don't know much about electronics but... if a lot of the road side IEDs used in Iraq are being set off by radio remote control and if the remote control devices are usually scavenged from various widely available hardware that operate on set frequencies then why not make a box that transmits a burst on all such frequencies every few seconds so as to set off any IEDs before the convoy approaches them? Also, one could mount such a unit on a Predator drone and have it fly at a high altitude bursting such a device and taking IR photos so if it sets off any device that's being built in a bomb shop. it can then monitor where the bomb builders scatter to.

2004-12-12 10:55:46 ET

Caus if you have to find specific frequencies and amplitudes needed to set the fuckers off and most of them need to be at a closer distance...

2004-12-12 11:02:26 ET

Well I'm assuming that most of the remote controls are salvaged from common items like toys and the like which all use frequencies in a certain block. The distance does not matter since it all depends on the strength of the transmitter not the receiver.

2004-12-12 11:04:50 ET

Circuitry is very fickle...some of them require a certain strenght of signal in order to get the device to conduct.

2004-12-12 11:22:04 ET

Get the device to conduct? I'm talking about radio remote control. Like those toy RC cars.

2004-12-12 12:00:55 ET

So am I

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