In the market for a Geiger Counter.
2005-01-17 14:33:33 ET

Does anyone know where I can get a good Geiger counter (radiation detector)? I need one that's good at detecting alpha radiation. It has to be affordable and sensitive. I don't need it too sensitive since that probably costs more. Also, it would be preferable if it's been precalibrated. For that matter, does anyone know how to calibrate an old Civil Defense CDV-715 detector? I have Model 1a.

EDIT: Make that RADIATION DETECTER wether of the Geiger Counter or not I don't care as long as it detects what I need and as long as I can afford it.

2005-01-17 14:45:41 ET is probably your best bet for something working but affordable. A quick search turns up a number of units that don't seem overly expensive.

2005-01-17 16:37:31 ET

i've seen flyers advertising used geiger counters on the bulletin board of the university physics building. these are students, so they'd probably accept any reasonable offer.

2005-01-17 17:17:31 ET

cheapest one i've seen:

2005-01-17 19:39:48 ET

Thanks. I'll probably go through EBay once I find how well the CDV-700 model detects alpha radiation.

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