Geiger Counter Update:
2005-01-17 19:41:28 ET

Great. Just great.

Characteristics of Alpha Radiation

1. Alpha radiation is not able to penetrate skin.

2. Alpha-emitting materials can be harmful to humans if the materials are inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through open wounds.

3. A variety of instruments have been designed to measure alpha radiation. Special training in use of these instruments is essential for making accurate measurements.

4. A civil defense instrument (CD V-700) cannot detect the presence of radioactive materials that produce alpha radiation unless the radioactive materials also produce beta and/or gamma radiation.

5. Instruments cannot detect alpha radiation through even a thin layer of water, blood, dust, paper, or other material, because alpha radiation is not penetrating.

6. Alpha radiation travels a very short distance through air.

7. Alpha radiation is not able to penetrate turnout gear, clothing, or a cover on a probe. Turnout gear and dry clothing can keep alpha emitters off of the skin.

Oh well. I still have to do more research anyway.

2005-01-17 22:28:26 ET

what are ya doin' the research for?

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