A Plumber's Nightmare
2005-01-29 15:29:11 ET

So, like I said before, I got the Sten Mk III parts kit. I've took a couple of pics of it but the quality of the pictures sucks major moosecock. Anyway, here it goes:

2005-01-29 16:51:58 ET

Is it legal for children under 18 years of age to buy firearms in America?
Is it legal for children under 18 years of age to buy firearms' PARTS in America?

2005-01-29 17:03:16 ET

It used to be before 1968. Thankfully, after 1968 all the gang violence, mass murders, drug wars, and school shootings stopped.

2005-01-29 17:31:35 ET

lol. i think i may try to get my hands on a mac 10 kit or something. why a sten, whynot a mg42 kit???

2005-01-29 17:33:46 ET


2005-01-29 17:47:03 ET

Because it's not a kit. It's parts. The whole thing is from a demilled Sten MkIII. This isn't a gun. There is no receiver. Why a Sten MkIII? Because it's available to me. What I'd really like is a Mosin Nagant 91/30 but, because the city upped licensing fees to an insane amount (~$300 iirc) I can't own one. At least with this parts kit I can finally examine various parts of a firearm that I couldn't before. I've never seen a bolt, let alone a bolt face in my entire life. Nor have I ever seen a chamber. Nor have I ever seen a trigger assembly nor a sear.

That, plus having these parts is like owning a piece of history. That's why I have a Russian military holster (Even though I don't have any Russian firearms), map bag, and weird-ass military bag.

Anyway, once I'll have more money I'll be able to afford a dummy receiver so I could have my very own 60 year old replica Sten MkIII.

2005-01-30 08:24:41 ET

woohoo! good to see i'm not the only person who has one. we should start a club.

2005-01-30 21:37:24 ET

Which one do you have? The MkII or the MkIII? I've been looking at MkII part sets right now but they're damn expensive.

For my MkIII I'm going to spend some more money and get replacements for the parts that I think will get lost/worn fast - those being the springs and the pins. If my job interview goes well on Tuesday I'll spend some cash on getting a sling too along with a dummy receiver.

2005-01-30 21:47:20 ET

the mkIII. it's the cheapest and most readily available, plus i really like the T-style grip/stock that i don't think i've seen on any of the mkII parts kits.

2005-01-30 22:13:57 ET

I'm getting pea shooter parts. It doesn't come with the straw so it's legal.

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