Trigger Assembly Troubles
2005-01-30 00:13:06 ET

Damn. It worked before. Now something's wrong. For some reason the sear wont hook into the notch on the tripping lever. I'm tired now so I'll look at it again tomorrow. Right now I'm off to sleep.

P.S. On the bright side, I can now disassemble and reassemble the trigger assembly from memory.

2005-01-30 07:02:20 ET

have you found any manuals online about it at all?

where'd you get this thing anyway, is it expensive?

2005-01-30 08:13:22 ET

I'm looking for anything like a soldier's manual, preferably just like one they gave British soldiers during the war. So far the only thing I 'ave is parts diagrams, blueprints, and (thankfully) a jpeg showing the trigger assembly.

I'll take pictures of the trigger assembly disassembled later today and make a little slideshow as to how to assemble it. It's pretty simple. Also the human who cut the receiver went a little crazy with the torch and cut through a part of the trigger. Thankfully the trigger still functions as it should (i.e. it's not causing this problem) but I'm considering getting a new one along with replacement springs.

2005-01-30 08:32:12 ET

Scratch that. I've found an operating manual for the Sten MkII. Now I think the problem may lie with the trigger but I don't want to jump to conclusions as of yet.

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