2005-02-15 14:56:21 ET

So I've got a job. This means I shall have the moneys. This also means that I get up at 0550. Oh well.

As for the Sten, I was right. It was the trigger all along. I've got a replacement one by mail the other day (along with all the replacemnt pins) and now the trigger assembly works great.

I think I'll spend my first paycheck (whenever I'll get it) on either tools or gold.

2005-02-15 15:04:17 ET

lucky SOB you.

2005-02-15 15:09:39 ET

Well after all the deductions (taxes, $400 security deposit for all the equipment, cost of uniforms) I think my first paycheck will end up being in the vicinity of $20. I'm guessing.

2005-02-15 16:09:41 ET

not too terribly bad.
once things get flowing you'll be on top of the ball.

As for the tools or gold, i'd be more inclined toward the tools since you can use them from day-to-day more than you can use gold.

2005-02-15 17:18:00 ET

what do you do?!?!?
$400 down?!?!?

2005-02-16 13:39:31 ET

I will fix computers/printers/whatever else.

$400 deposit for equipment.

2005-02-16 20:57:47 ET

ah see.

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