Call For Good Time
2005-02-20 08:58:02 ET

Thanks to Leoz for this link:

The numbers still work.

2005-02-20 22:30:02 ET

I was waiting for more than "fuck off".

2005-02-20 23:32:33 ET

Oh, that. Yeah, the url has changed.

The new one is:

Warning: Some pics on there are not safe for work (i.e. nudity)

2005-02-20 23:55:46 ET

the cam photos are obviously forgeries.

2005-02-21 05:37:42 ET

Except that they aren't.

2005-02-21 08:22:58 ET

for some of them her hair seems very out of place to be so focused for being webcam photos.

2005-02-21 12:48:32 ET

They're not webcam photos. They're photos taken on her T-Mobile Sidekick cellular phone thing which uploads all photos taken, all notes written down, and all numbers in the address book to T-Mobile's site.

2005-02-21 13:45:56 ET

hm, the stuff got pulled down already.

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