Query: Does Work = More Personal Entries?
2005-03-08 16:25:59 ET

I've been working for what... three weeks now? I still haven't cashed in my paycheck and I've been living off Teddy money for the past month or so. For those who don't know, Teddy is my Guyanese friend who runs a site that sells business and dress suits and hats for women. Anyway I'm saving up all my cash for... I'm not quite sure what for yet. But I am saving it up. May be for a rifle/shotgun license? I'll have to talk with the local police department about fees and applying.

In other news, after work I had decided to drop by one of the many Duane Reade pharmacies situated around my work area. Apparently this one had a DVD rack and that DVD rack contained a DVD copy of... RED DAWN. Oh yes... once I've finished creaming my pants I've bought it for the low price of ten doubloons. I think it's the perfect movie for my Soviet family.

If I ever get a car I'd go for a Scion xB. We have one at work as the official company "van". It's inexpensive, gets good mileage, and looks like an ugly box on wheels. Ugly box = More room. That's if I'll get a car and that's a pretty big if considering the cost of insurance and all that. Still I'm quite sure I can afford it.

2005-03-08 19:15:18 ET

hmm, an Enamonmobile.

2005-03-08 22:50:40 ET

I'll do my resume right after I finish writing these PoR articles. Then I'll apply at 4g as well.

2005-03-09 19:03:35 ET

if you don't know what to spend your money on, spend it on me.

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