Fucking Verizon.
2005-06-18 14:54:11 ET

It used to be that you could dial PIC codes from Verizon payphones. Then, when all the payphones were converted to hybrids that was lost. Recently however, a new method was found wherein one would dial a number that would hang up. After the number hangs up the payphone basically resets itself and gives you a dialtone once more. However PIC codes could be used from that dialtone. Not anymore. Now, when a called number hangs up, the phone still stays on the line and does not reset. Shit. I can't ANI fail to WATS numbers from payphones anymore. Fucking Verizon.

2005-06-18 15:09:29 ET

in english please?

2005-06-18 19:23:48 ET

Bullshit. You could still do the "wait-for-it-to-hangup" method to dial PIC codes. Just some phones aren't programmed correctly and that's the type of hybrid that you got.

And, no, not all Verizon pay phones are hybrids. There's a real BOCOT a block away from our house.

2005-06-19 03:31:44 ET

The two I tried were subway payphones that always seemed to work back in the day. I mean, not the EXACT payphones but the trick always seemed to work with subway payphones.

2005-06-20 09:33:15 ET


Subway payphones are usually the worst programmed phones out there. I've encountered one that gives you a reorder when you dial 0! A lot of them are really messed up.

2005-06-29 06:28:37 ET

yeah, this sounds interesting. I'm half tempted to try it on the older payphones we have throughout town. now if I just knew what it was hehe

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