Note to Self
2005-07-09 22:39:22 ET

2005-07-10 02:52:22 ET

The 100 meter range would seem useless for helocopters? The microwave system has huge possibilities for defence and attack. You could count the money in the Brinks truck before you dissable it. I can see some half asleep cop driving down the highway with the device aimed left and left "ON" dissabling mile after mile of opposing traffic.

2005-07-10 07:54:09 ET

I wonder if police cars will now be shielded against EM attack.

2005-07-10 14:50:03 ET

this has both the potential for disaster and awesomeness.
if i remember correctly last month the israeli military started using microwave or sonic non-lethal crowd control methods.

2005-07-10 15:20:48 ET

As opposed to rubberized bullets. I think they should stick to tear gas. It always livens up the party.

Actually if you ever want to stop a riot all you have to do is bomb the area with cotton candy and project hentai tentacle porn onto the walls of large buildings. Then start blasting dance music.

2005-07-10 17:22:26 ET

I think fire hoses loaded with Karo syrup would work well too.

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