2006-06-17 18:17:10 ET

and the baby died and he told her that he buried it, out in the yard because they didnít have money to afford a plot, but he lied and kept it downstairs in the cellar, frozen, while he made all sorts of electromechanical contraptions to compensate for the organs that initially failed and he understood there was extensive brain damage but in that way of explaining away from reality he figured it was just a new born and the cells and the neurons would just grow back and repair the damage done and then that one day when heíd thaw it out and cut it open carefully with a fatherís love heíd repair it and make it good again and the wires running down its spine to the automobile accumulator would send uncontrollable shivers and finally that spark of life into its hydraulic pump of a heart.

but it didnít work out that way.

2006-06-17 22:24:36 ET

We've got to go back to the future, Doc! To save the baby!

2006-06-18 10:18:58 ET


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