2006-08-20 10:52:44 ET

She was a trainable but legal and that was good enough for Jimmy.

One - they were easy. They didn't know what the act was. They didn't know anything. And if they did they usually couldn't tell how they were feeling. And with that prospect you get very little guilt

Two - he loved that blank stare in their eyes. That hollow stare. No matter what he did and how much of it he'd done that stare would always be there. That look of unawareness.

Three - they don't complain. Everyone else does. Everyone else just doesn't shut up. With a trainable all you do is stick yourself inside them and do whatever God says. For all they know you could be God. Or a tree. Or anything. Or both.

Four - he could fuck them unprotected. Trainables don't carry VDs. As for pregnancy, he'd always get them to have an abortion. They never argue. They can't.

2006-08-20 17:48:21 ET

awwh yeah. I haven't heard the word trainables in ages... god bless

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