2006-08-23 14:23:33 ET

Come on, doc! You gotta let me go onstage! The kids are crying for an encore! Can't you hear them out there? MORE LESTER! MORE LESTER! MORE LESTER!

That's enough, you sick fuck. You can bugger all in prison but right now I'm taking you in. They're calling for you alright. Calling for your genitals to be singed off. MOLESTER, they yell. MOLESTER.

2006-08-23 15:07:39 ET

I find your writing simultaneously intriguing and revolting.

Keep up the good work!

2006-08-23 17:18:28 ET

Revolting how?

Revolting like a clown?

2006-08-23 18:35:45 ET

Only if the clown in question is John Wayne Gacy.

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