2006-09-13 11:03:19 ET

Danny bites into a razor blade and chews all careful like, tongue probing for taste. Blood begins to pour out of his mouth and he taps his napkin against the side of his mouth wiping the crimson spit. "Pardon me" he says. A portrait of sharp and proper mannerism. So rare in these godforsaken days.

He bites down again. Hard. His tooth gives way as his jaws split the steel and break the thing in half. He swallows, bump of the razor riding halfway down the esophagus, getting stuck, and then slowly emerging. First a protrusion in the throat flesh. Then, a split, like a fissure in the earth and then metal, like a flat mountain, emerges out. Lava blood seeping out, drowning the villagers.

Danny puts down the fork and reaches for the wine glass. There is a shudder of his slender hand. His swaying a bit. Back and forth. A sure sign of diziness. He reaches for the wine glasses, grabs it by the neck, and holds it up to his blood caked lips and sips. And swallows. And with this new and sudden, strained effort the esophagus pushes the whole of the blade out. It flies out, blood and wine following it, and lands with a clink on the plate. Danny stares at it. He wonders where the other half is and, a second later, finds it with his tongue. It has become embedded in his palate. He tries to push it out with his tongue, face showing no sign of discomfort. Just a paleness. That's it.

The tongue pushes against the metal. The half-blade gives and tilts suddenly, propelling the tongue up and past it. Reflexively the tongue pulls back, decapitating itself. Danny blinks. Then blinks again. He adjusts his tie and notices a sudden lack of feeling in his hand. He sees it drop away in front of him and land on the table. Nerve signals telling it to move. He can feel himself moving his fingers only they're not. He sees his hand inert in front of him. And suddenly gravity increases ten-fold. He tries to look around but his eyes are frozen in place. Suddenly he sees the ceiling. Then directly ahead of him. Then his plate, the other half of the blade still on the plate. It's getting oh so closer.

The impact of his head smashes the plate. The blade shard jumps up and embeds himself in Danny's eye. The eye begins to bleed eye blood. Danny is pouring his soul out on the table. The surviving villagers rejoice.

2006-09-13 16:19:54 ET

is eye blood different from regular blood?

2006-09-14 01:49:59 ET

"Eye blood" being the ocular humour. It's not blood at all but if it bleeds out your eye is fucked anyway.

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