Writing - Ferry.
2008-12-11 12:46:24 ET

So a week or two ago for some reason I took the ferry home. It was late and the ferry was one of those tiny ones with only two floors. I was sitting on the bottom one trying to read but constantly hearing shouting and singing and laughter from some group up front. I passed by them when the boat docked at Staten Island. As I walked I ended up behind this fat black chick who was one of the singing drunks. She had no ass. It was horrific to look at. Just two triangular slabs that met at her crack. It was awful. Like a fat chick with no tits. Unnatural. The world felt cold and hollow that night.

2008-12-12 10:28:33 ET

the ferry is nice to take home. as opposed to what, an awful bus?

this entry made me really sad. i often find myself enraptured with the bursting booties black ladies have wonderfully inherited.

2008-12-12 13:56:52 ET

That day was my own personal 9/11.

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